Elizabeth WrightB.S.A. Tour of Britain Racer Enlarged to 135% 1996-7

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Elizabeth Wright (born 1964)
B.S.A. Tour of Britain Racer Enlarged to 135%
Date 1996-7
MediumSteel, rubber and plastic
Dimensionsobject: 1240 x 2360 x 550 mm
Acquisition Purchased 2002
Not on display


This sculpture is a replica of a racing bicycle scaled up to 135% of its normal size. The bike is accurately reproduced with all its component parts. It looks used, showing the signs of wear and tear of a real bicycle including rust and scuff marks on the bodywork and slightly flat and worn tires. The frame is made of welded steel, while the wheels, saddle, pump and other components are made from rubber, plastic and wood. Wright based the sculpture on her boyfriend’s bicycle. She dismantled the original bike, photographed it and made enlarged replicas of each individual part. She then pieced the components together in an oversized reconstruction.

The sculpture was first shown in the group exhibition Belladonna at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, in 1997 where it was positioned unobtrusively in a corridor outside the main gallery. The sculpture’s placement outside the formal gallery space gave the impression that it has been momentarily abandoned by a careless owner… (read more)

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