David HockneyThe First Marriage (A Marriage of Styles I) 1962

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David Hockney (born 1937)
The First Marriage (A Marriage of Styles I)
Date 1962
MediumOil paint on canvas
Dimensionssupport: 1829 x 2140 mm
Acquisition Presented by the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1963
Not on display


The First Marriage is a large painting depicting a couple seen in profile. The man stands behind the woman who is seated, although there is no support beneath her. As in several of Hockney’s painting made in the early 1960s, much of the canvas has been left in its natural state so that most of the background is empty. The figures drawn and painted onto it have a cartoon or child-like quality. The couple are in the centre of the image, both looking towards the left. Behind them, to the right, stands a primitive representation of a palm tree in the form of a tall white trunk tipped with violet and red fronds. It grows out of a narrow section of white ground on which strips and strokes of green represent grass… (read more)

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