Thomas HirschhornDrift Topography 2003

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Thomas Hirschhorn (born 1957)
Drift Topography
Date 2003
MediumCardboard, tape, shoeboxes, alarm clocks, plastic, books, cotton wool and printed papers
Dimensionsobject: 2200 x 4600 x 2800 mm
Acquisition Presented by Tate Members 2004
Not on display


Hirschhorn creates monumental works from the basest of materials. Cardboard, foil, paper and plastic are bound together with tape, in an apparently casual fashion, to form works that are all the more powerful for their obvious instability. In Drift Topography, a ring of US soldiers surround and stand guard over a densely built-up, fenced-in territory. The soldiers themselves, and the weapons they brandish, are larger than life-sized cardboard cutouts. The landscape they guard is equally unstable – a city built from boxes, card, cotton wool and aluminum foil. Vast quantities of generic brown packing-tape hold the whole structure together. Political and historically significant books line the makeshift streets, alongside rows of plastic petrol cans… (read more)

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